This page contains a selection of videos, mostly taken at Spiral Dance gigs, for your viewing pleasure

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Spiral Dance Mallee My Mother (6:28)
SPIRAL DANCE - Wicker Man / The Landlord's Daughter (9:11)
Woman of the Earth (6:40)

Pauls Tune Set (7:39)

SpiritofAlbion (6:16)

Spiral Dance & Damh the Bard - Spirit of Albion Live @ the Wall (6:01)

Spiral Dance Live @ the Wall, 21st May '11 (3:23)

Quickening (5:42)

Black Annis (5:37)

Spirit of Albion (6:28)

Funky Fairie (3:27)

TOMFEST 2010 - Spiral Dance -Spirit of Albion (5:37)

TOMFEST 2010 - Spiral Dance - The Quickening (5:26)

Paul Gooding of Spiral Dance - Morris Dance (2:44)

Spiral Dance at Salem Cinema pt 1 (44:01)

Spiral Dance at Salem Cinema pt 2 (36:44)

Spiral Dance - Weaving the Summer (3:24)

Spiral Dance - Funky Fairie (3:43)

Spiral Dance & Damh the Bard - Burning Times (10:50)

Spiral Dance & Damh the Bard - Spirit of Albion (5:52)

Spiral Dance - Tarry Trousers (4:21)

Spiral Dance, Black Annis (5:40)

Spiral Dance - Witches Tree (6:56)

Tolven Stone (5:03)

Spiral Dance - Faerie Tale (2:46)

Spiral Dance Live (4:25)

Grackle Cackle (Ruta Maya, Austin TX; 4:02)

The Quickening (Ruta Maya, Austin TX; 5:27)

Grackle Cackle (Broken Spoke, Austin TX; 4:12)

French Tunes (Broken Spoke, Austin TX; 5:45)

Solstice Evergreen (1:18)

Harvest Song (0:47)

Jardin de Lumiere (0.43)

Woman of the Earth (0:17)

A video taken at a gathering near Austin, Texas where Spiral Dance played both in Samhain 2003 and Beltaine 2008. The images have been put to our song Goddess and the Weaver...some cool effects too!

Spiral Dance: The Goddess and the Weaver (4:37)


Our song Woman of the Earth put to movie trailer...

Woman of the Earth (5:46)


Here are some videos put together by our friend Nika in Queensland featuring our music and visual images chosen to suit the lyrics...thanks Nika!

Woman of the Earth (5:41)


Man from the Stars (5:42)


Another video put together using Goddess and the Weaver as the soundtrack!

The Spiral Dance (4:45)


Here is a beautiful video produced by Terri (a.k.a. LadyHawk) from California, using Hills of Avalon as the soundtrack. Take a personal journey into the mists and myths of the enchanted isle of Avalon through the stimulus of beautiful photographs and your own creative imagination...thanks LadyHawk!

Avalon ~ Into The Mists (6:05)


And last but not least some classic folk songs courtesy of The Fast Show...showing us all how it should be done!

Bob Fleming's Folkin' Classics (2:24)


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