Nigel Walters

Photo by Carl Purczel

Nigel started playing bass before he'd reached his teen years and was mesmerised by such great bands as Toto, Earth Wind and Fire, Chicago, Chic, Hall and Oates, Heart, The Police and lots of Motown music. He has been part of many projects with varied musical styles including Zepperama, The Seen and No Escape, to name but a few.
He first joined Spiral Dance in 2001 and recorded on the Notes of Being album. After a 13-year absence, he re-joined in 2016 and added bass lines to the latest CD Land & Legend.
Nigel has an encyclopedic knowledge of popular music (just ask him a question about Top 40 hits, names of band members, album titles or whatever...!) and exceptional musical talent. One of his many party tricks is being able to tap a glass and tell you what note rings out!



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