Nick Carter

Photo by Adam Bolt

Nick had always wanted to play guitar for as long as he can remember and says he would still love to know how to play.

He started playing in his early 20s for fun and had a passion for rock and blues, Eric Clapton being the main influence. The blues was followed with lead guitar and a very short stint of heavy metal.

He auditioned for Spiral Dance in late-1996, an ordeal that consisted of playing all the songs from the bands first album (Woman of the Earth) and then a live gig two days later! Not bad for someone who, before that moment, had never joined a band or played music to an audience in any way, shape or form. He did well enough to be asked to join Spiral Dance after the gig (keeping the volume down on the amp must have worked!).

Being a part of Spiral Dance has opened up a new world to Nick as well as many opportunities within the music industry. He was lucky enough to be taught the fundamentals and finer points of live sound engineering by one of Adelaide’s best mixers (Mark Kraus) and occasionally works in local venues and at Womadelaide when not performing with Spiral Dance. He must be half reasonable too, as the band let him engineer, mix and master their fifth CD "The Quickening" and all subsequent recordings.

And the best thing about being in the band?
"The biggest thrill when playing live is watching the audience singing the words back to us, whether it is a gig in Australia or overseas!"

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