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Our latest CDs "Land and Legend" and "Through a Sylvan Doorway" are now available from Bandcamp!
Some of our older albums are also available as Digital Download

Damh the Bard

Dave Smith is a wonderful pagan songwriter and singer from Sussex in the UK
Spiral Dance performs a cover his song "Spirit of Albion"

Check out his partner, Cerri Lee's beautiful Bardic Arts website too!

Celtic Myth Podshow

Join up with Gary and Ruth Colcombe's most excellent Podcasts, hear the latest and greatest music, interviews, ideas, events and more...
And it's all run for free so be sure to leave these wonderful people a small donation to help them cover their cost!

The English Ale

Held every year in Mylor, South Australia and featuring singing, dancing, music and mayhem all day. Watch the Morris dancers, listen to the English folk music session, join in the masked torchlight procession and watch the burning of the Wicker Man, then be entertained by Punch and Judy, Mummers plays and bands all night

Haunted Britain

A link to the fabulous work of Richard Jones - respected author and expert in the paranormal history of Britain and Ireland

Big Sound Studios

Need access to a versatile sound studio and an engineer with more experience and patience than you can shake a stick at?
Spiral Dance record at Big Sound with David Lokan
Contact us and we'll put you in touch with Dave

Hyde Accordions
'locally made...globally played'

Maker of the wonderful hand-crafted instruments played by Paul

Peter "Stormy" Hyde has a MySpace page too

This page not only has information on Peter's acoustic instruments but also the brand new range of Hyde-Whiteley 'Alchemist' MIDI enabled button boxes

Katie's Wicked Wicks

Personalised candles designed for you by Katie Lockwood Richter
Custom hand-crafted items including scented candles, gel-candles, aroma therapy candles, bath salts, massage oils, lotions and more...

Hot for Joe
Morris with Attitude!

Adelaide's all-female Border Morris side - contemporary dances based on the tradition from the Welsh border counties

Inkubus Sukkubus

Hailed as Britain's Premier Pagan Rock band and damn fine people too. Spiral Dance covered their song 'Rape of Maude Bowen' and played a gig with them in Adelaide in 2005

Pagan Alliance Inc. (SA)

A network and information base for pagan events in South Australia, plus links to other similar organisations throughout Australia

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