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All the news on the when, where and why of Spiral Dance's live gigs
This page is updated as soon as new details are known, so check back here regularly to avoid missing a concert near you!

 We have no live shows scheduled at the moment
Check back here soon for updates

Here are links to our live streaming gigs
It's free to view but we put out our Busker’s Hat, it’s not required but every little helps us when we can’t play any concerts for you:

First FB Live Streaming Concert
"Not" The English Ale Facebook Live Streaming Concert
Spiral Dance Virtual Winter Solstice Concert
Wheaty Live (10/07/2020) - Part 1
Wheaty Live (10/07/2020) - Part 2
Live from The Red Stage - Semaphore Workers Club
The "Live Inside" FB Live Streaming Gig
Summer Solstice with Spiral Dance Live Streaming Concert
Let's Get The Community Back Together Gig - Part 1
Let's Get The Community Back Together Gig - Part 2

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