The Quickening (2006)


Launched in Adelaide on 28th April 2006, this album features 14 tracks, the first eight of which are songs for the sabbats that make up the Wheel of the Year

Track Listing

1 Holly Lord (Piggott)
2 Solstice Evergreen (Piggott)
3 The Quickening (Piggott; tune by Kepa Junkera)
4 Into the Green (Piggott/Tonkin/Schofield)
5 Weaving the Summer (Piggott)
6 Tolven Stone (Piggott; intro tune by Afro Celt Sound System)
7 Harvest Song (Piggott; additional words Henry Alford and Sir
George J. Elvey; middle tune by Ian Anderson)
8 Ride the Wind (Piggott; additional words by George Cooper)
9 The Oak (Steve Knightley and Kim O'Loughlin)
10 Beltaine Waltz/Grackle Cackle (Gooding)
11 Voodoo Bayou (Piggott)
12 Wayland's Steel (Piggott)
13 Here be Giants/Barock (Piggott; tune by Rene Dupere)
14 Tarry Trousers (Trad)

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