Over the Nine Waves (1997)

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Vince Brophy - Narrator

Tales told with song and narration of the legendary characters from the Irish Mythological and Ulster Cycles, which are the oldest surviving prose in western literature, memorised as they happened and handed down from generation to generation by bards before the introduction of literacy


Tuatha De Danaan semi-divine inhabitants of Ireland
Fomorians semi-demonic race who lived on the islands surrounding Ireland
Milesians invading tribe from the north of Spain
Dagda father of the gods and keeper of the cauldron
Nuada leader of the Tuatha de Danaan
Lugh the De Danaan sun god and father of Cuchulainn
Balor the most powerful Fomorian king
Amergin Druid of the Milesians
Dechtire the mother of Cuchulainn, descended from the line of the Milesians
Setanta/ Cuchulainn a mighty warrior - the son of Lugh and Dechtire
Emer Cuchulainn's wife and one true love
Scathach the Warrior Woman of Skye
Morrigan the raven goddess of the battlefield
Queen Medb (Maeve) powerful ruler fo the county of Connacht
Calitin Witches the monstrous daughters of the magician Calitin

Track Listing

1 The Gathering (Piggott)
2 Over the Nine Waves (Tonkin)
3 Midnight Calls (Tonkin)
4 Setanta's Cup (Piggott)
5 Flower of Ireland (Tonkin)
6 Warrior Woman (Piggott)
7 The Raven's Shadow (Piggott)
8 Cattle Raid of Cooley (Tonkin)
9 Day of Reckoning (Piggott)
10 Hollow Hills (Piggott)


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