From the Mist (2010)

This album entitled 'From the Mist' is a retrospective featuring the band's best work since their inception

The album contains a mixture of songs from 'Woman of the Earth', 'Magick', 'Notes of Being', 'The Quickening' and 'Worts n All' plus one previously unreleased track specially recorded for this album

The material has been re-mastered by Dave Lokan and Nick Carter, with the new track recorded by Dave at "Rixworld"

Track Listing

1 Woman of the Earth (Piggott)
2 The Goddess and the Weaver (Piggott)
3 Magick (Piggott)
4 Pan (Piggott)
5 Black Annis / Jardin de Lumiere (Piggott / Gooding)
6 The Dewy Dells of Yarrow (Trad)
7 Boys of Bedlam (Trad)
8 The Quickening (Piggott)
9 Holly Lord (Piggott)
10 Tarry Trousers (Trad)
11 Song for a Selkie / The Butterfly (Piggott / Trad)
12 Voodoo Bayou (Piggott)
13 Burning Times (Murphy)
14 Rise Up (previously unreleased track; Piggott)

Click on the link below to find free full-length downloads of tracks found on 'From the Mist'

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